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The Standard C Library book
The Standard C Library book

The Standard C Library by P. J. Plauger

The Standard C Library

The Standard C Library pdf free

The Standard C Library P. J. Plauger ebook
Format: pdf
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Page: 514
ISBN: 0138380120, 9780138380120

Before C++11, the only "smart" pointer available in the standard C++ library was auto_ptr. A lot of the library depends on the underlying OS (think about File I/O, or something like printf() ) – and I don't really have one yet. It has very problematic copy semantics that make it difficult to use in several important scenarios. By default Python comes with the standard c library precompiled for you. You can actually take advantage of ctypes without writing any C code of your own. The one thing I'm missing is a big chunk of the standard C library. Alas, auto_ptr isn't very smart. Note: There can be some confusion if you look at the description for libc6-dbg because it is listed as being symbols for the Embedded GNU C Library. The question indicated that the first parameter would be a pointer to a zero-terminated string, but the second parameter was to be a size_t type -- a buffer size. For that reason, it didn't seem like a good idea to build C and C++ standard libraries, ship them with your code, and link them at runtime: The standard libraries are quite large.

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